Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Pula Tribe

State Farm Picnic/Luau

Miti was asked to put together a little show for his work picnic. Moli in our ward taught our girls and her daughter a dance. Moli and her friends' children also. You guys all missed quite a solo number from Miti. I should have taped it to show ya. Thanks Moli for your help.

We brought along Maddy Norr. We enjoyed the day and got alot of sun.

Tavita is Growing Up!

Tavita is already 3 months old. The time is going by too fast and we are trying to treasure each moment before the baby stage is over. We love you baby!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Good Friends are Wonderful!

Angie Myers flew to Las Vegas on Monday for a little R & R. I don't know how much rest and relaxation we got, but we sure had a great time. She brought Sydney and their new addition, Ryan. We were on the go most of the time. We visited the Hoover Dam and M&M World and did other "touristy" things. We did a little shopping and, of course, we had carmel popcorn during our closing ceremonies the night before she left. We miss our good friends back in Colorado.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Life is Good!

Having a baby the fourth time around and with our youngest being five - has been wonderful. I think I am a more relaxed and comfortable mother to an infant now then I was ten years ago. The kids are such a big help too! As always Miti is such a good father to our infants. When he comes home for lunch he can't wait to hold him. He stares at him and speaks Samoan to him. All of the kids are so gentle to him. Tavita is loved and is such a blessing to our family.

Since having the baby, we have been to visit Miti's family in California twice. Lina, my mother-n-law loves him. We caught them snuggling together sleeping in her bedroom. She is so proud that he has her Grandfather's name, Amio. I don't know if she cares too much about his first name, but she is so excited that he is Amio.

Masina - Cheese!

One of Masina's favorite things to do is take pictures and videos of herself on our camera or on my phone. Generally I will have at least ten pictures of the same pose.