Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Long Drive Home from Colorado

When we are on road trips, I am always in hurry. You get gas, food, use the restrooms, walk around and let's get back in the car. Miti is more relaxed. "Oh look, there is Eagle Canyon. Let's stop and walk around and take a picture."

Opposites attract. Eh!?

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Estes Park, Colorado

My family has gone to Estes Park for Memorial Weekend for over 15 years. For years, Miti and I design the shirts for the reunion. When we go out as a fam everyone notices our large group with our matching shirts.

Tana with his cousins, Chris and David.

Alana and Masina with their cousins, Mary and Haley.

Got an itchy eye, bud?

Friday, May 23, 2008

The "Old Neighborhood"

While we were in Colorado, we stopped at the old house. The kids were so excited. They wanted to go to the door and ask for a tour. I told them that wasn't really kosher.

Looking at the picture now, brings back great memories of living in Greeley. We loved that house and we loved all the friends we made in Greeley. We lived there for 5 years. Tana was born a week after we moved in. How time flies.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

School Assembly

Alana and Masina and their friend Maddy at the school assembly receiving awards for their grades. In Vegas, the kids get letter grade report cards. Alana was disappointed that she got one "B." Oh well! Maybe next trimester Alana.


Tavita loves to suck on his hands and feet! Yummy!

Piano Time!

Alana and Masina take piano lessons. This spring they took a theory exam at UNLV. They passed their theory so they were asked to come back and play four songs from each of the periods (ie. classical) in front of a judge. We were so excited that they passed their level.

Masina is a free spirit and really doesn't want to take formal lessons, but she sure was excited when she got a certificate and a trophy. Hope this helps her keep on chugging along with piano.

Bath Time!

Tavita and Tana in their first bath together.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

Our kids and their cousins in Grandma and Grandpa Pula's room.

Miti, Auntie Siuta, Brother Lio, Grandma Pula & Nephew Tyrone.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mother's Day Weekend

Before we left to Cali, Miti surprised me with these beautiful flowers. He always makes sure that I feel loved on holidays. He is really a wonderful man.

We went to California for Mother's Day. This is only the second time Miti has been with his mom on Mother's Day since his childhood. Grandma loves to play with her grandchildren. She was thrilled when she found out that his middle name is "AMIO" which was her grandfather's name.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Family Picture Time!

Miti wanted to get a family picture to frame for his mom for Mother's Day. We forgot how hard it is to take a candid picture with a baby. Oh well, we tried.

The baby is obsessed with sucking on his hands. We had a hard time keeping his hands out of his mouth and getting him to look up at the camera. The sun was peeking over our shoulders. She wanted her picture taken too! Life goes on, eh? Family pictures are so fun to look at later and reflect on how small the kids used to be.

Thanks Suzanne for taking the pics.

School Luau Carnival

The kids had a blast especially Tana. He won three goldfish and Masina got one. We made them give them away to other kids before we left so that the fish would have a good home. I hate bringing the fish home and they die before the week or sometimes the day is over.

Tana is growing up. He had such a good time going around to all of the booths and playing the games. He really enjoyed all of the prizes he won too! I don't think he has quite gotten over giving up the goldfish though. Oh well. He also did the cake walk at least 20 times and never won, but he was such a good sport.

Tana is such a boy! He loves to tease and annoy his sisters.
Masina loves having her picture taken.

Monday, May 5, 2008


Anybody who knows Miti, knows that he is ALLERGIC to gross smells and spit up. Well you know with kids and especially babies - these are of the norm. Yesterday afternoon I fed Tavita and came downstairs. I found Miti napping on the couch. I laid the baby on his chest and turned to walk away. I heard this muffled, "Karen". I turned around and found Miti struggling to talk and breath with milk throw up all over his face. Apparently, he had picked up the baby to sit him on his chest and the baby spit up on his face.
I quickly got a blanket to clean off his face including his mouth and nostrils. I was really proud of Miti for not "freaking out" because of his ALLERGIC reaction. Then I said, "I really wish you could have held that pose for a minute longer so I could have taken a picture for the blog.
Wish I could have showed you, but it was too funny I had to blog it even without a picture.